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What is Computer Virus, Types, Symptoms and protection of Virus

Today we discuss in this post what is virus and cause of virus  etc. so please read this post carefully knowing for History of Viruses. 

What is Virus 

Virus Full form is Vital Information Resource Under Seze. Viruses are small programs in a computer. Virus is created auto execute program file. If virus enter in your computer then affect the functioning of the computer. Are called viruses.

By entering the virus in the human body, the way it affects the human body. In the same way, computer viruses enter the computer and affect the functioning of the computer. But these human bodies are completely different from viruses.

Virus History

The use of the word virus in computers was first reported by Fed Cohen, a student at the University of California. This was done by  in his research paper. How to write a program that enters the computer and affects its functioning. Just like the virus affects the functioning of the human body by entering the virus in the human body.

In 1980 the decade of, no one was known about the virus.

The modern virus is called the typhoid. It was created 1986 in by two Pakistani brothers Basit and Amjad. Both of these used to trade computer Software.The C Brain virus did huge damage in the world. Many viruses were produced after this. Which work in different ways.

Types of viruses 

Viruses have been divided into several categories based on their function and theory. Which is as follows.

Boot Sector Virus 

This virus is saved in the boot sector of the disk. And when the computer is started. So this prevents the computer from starting. And computers interfere with work. These are very dangerous viruses.

Partition Table Virus

This virus damages the Partition Table of the disc. There is no loss of data. This reduces the capacity of RAM. and check input and output devices.

File Virus

These viruses combine with the files being implemented and affect the functioning of the computer.

Secret Virus 

This virus keeps trying to hide its identity according to its name. And damage the computer. 

Polymorphic Virus

This virus itself has the ability to change again and again. So that it keeps itself in the computer for many days. And damage the computer. And they are difficult to detect. Because it happens in a completely new form every time.

Macro Virus

It damages special types of files. This data damages the data of the MS Office Files. And it is hidden as a macro program.

An introduction to some important viruses.

Michael Angelo Virus: 

This virus birthday of Michael Angelo. This virus damages the computer on 6th March. Most computers in the world remain closed on this day. This virus only works for one day. And causes great harm to the computer.

Disk Washer  

This virus removes data by thumbing the disk. And lateral message leaves. The Disk washer with Love was given to it own message.


The bomb is a program hidden in the normal range. The bomb is executed by an angry employee. There are also examples of software bombing. So that if the stolen software is used, the bomb will erase the copy from the hard disk. Like this virus and Trojans, users ignore the bomb.


This is such a program. Those who claim to do some useful and beneficial work. And objects: When executed, damage the system. Some of these types of viruses do not do their job of getting infected but are activated after a particular date. And damage the computer. Such as formatting the hard disk.


Worms is similar in some way to the virus. Because it also has the ability to double itself like a virus. But it does not infect executable files. It tries to fill the hard disk by repeating its code faster.

Email Hoaxes 

This virus is sent with the help of e-mail, it informs the user about the virus. And it asks its friends to inform. While nothing like this actually happens, this virus wastes the user's time. And mentally meditates.


This virus is associated with executable files. And runs itself in place of files, which leads to dangerous results.

10 Symptoms of Virus

1.  The speed of system is slow.

2. The function of the keyboard changes.

3. In this, the size of the file becomes more or less.

4. Useless information starts coming on the screen.

5. Formats the disk.

6. Creates file and folder. And create his shortcut.

7. Deletes the necessary information in the computer.

8. The computer starts restarting.

9. Reduces computer memory.

10. Prevents the program from running.

What is Virus, Types, Symptoms and protection of Virus

3 Reasons for spreading the virus

By using stolen or fake agents, which are obtained illegally in illegal manner.

1. With respect: - In a computer network, virus spreads in one computer in the entire network.

2. CD & Pen drive : - To copy data from one computer to another computer, use CD or Pen drive. Due to which the fear of spreading the virus remains. The computer from which the data is being copied. And if it has a virus, the virus spreads to other computers as well.

3. Internet: - Nowadays the Internet is considered the main carrier of the virus. Virus manufacturers use the Internet to spread the virus. Which is a simple and cheap medium.

Virus Prevention and Detection 

Protect viruses is not a difficult task. For this, we should use a little information and some personal resources. The computer should use its own memory. This virus is implemented automatically and detects the virus. And remove it from the computer. From time to time, you should keep updating yourself so that it can detect new viruses as well. Nowadays many companies make their own in the market. Which according to its antivirus should be used to purchase antivirus Some popular virus resistance following:-

McAfee Virus Scan, K5 Total Security, Norton Anti Virus

Top 5 Latest Computer Viruses- 2020 

Cyborg Ransomware. 

Crypto Mix Clop Ransomware

Thanatos Ransomware

I Love You

Code Red

Top 5 Latest Antiviruses - 2020 

What is Virus, Types, Symptoms and protection of Virus

Kaspersky Total Security

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 

Norton 360 Deluxe

McAfee Internet Security

K-7 Total Security


I hope you understand what is virus and how to protect computer infected of virus. If any question and suggestion please comment us we reply soon.    

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