Use of Data Validation and its settings in Excel

What is Data Validation and Settings

In this post we describe What is Data Validation? so please read this post for better use of this function.   

Data Validation 

Data Validation option in Excel accept only valid set value and ignore invalid value. By this option you typed data entry fast and accurately for example if you select range A2:A10 and set value only numeric entry between 50 to 500 then data validation only except between 50 to 500 numeric value other entry is ignores. 

Use of Data Validation Settings 

When you click this option then display some options like- 

What is Data Validation and Settings

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Any Value

In this features of data validation you typed any values like – Numeric, Text, Decimal, Time etc. 

Whole Number

In this features you set only Numeric value greater then , less then, between etc. 


In this featured you set only Decimal value like- .00



In this features you choose and set Date formats.


In this option you choose and set Time formats.

Text Length

In this option you choose and set Character Lengths. 


In this option you set data validation according to formulas.

Input Massage

When you click this option show below figure 

What is Data Validation and Settings

You fill in this box Input massage. When user type data in selected cell then input massage show. 

Error Alert

In this option you set Error Alert Massage. When user type invalid data in selected range then show error alert massage (Figure shown below)

What is Data Validation and Settings


I hope after reading you better understand What is Data Validation and its uses. If any question and suggestion for related post please comment us. 

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