What is Advance Excel and how to benifits in jobs


Today we discuss in this post what is Advance Excel? and how to need learning Advance Excel and benefits in jobs so please read this post carefully.

What is Advance Excel, Topics & How to Benefit of jobs

What is Advance Excel 

Excel is a application software of America famous company Microsoft CorporationAdvanced Excel refers to features and functions of Microsoft Excel. In this application helps the user to perform complex and large calculations, data processing on the large amount of data, performing data analysis and better representation of data, etc. 

Advance Excel is especially for professional workers, who wants to gain necessary to use Conditional Formatting, Pivot Tables and charts, Data Validation, Consolidation, Goel Seek, Vlookup, Hlookup and all features will be easily used in excel application. 

MS Excel is a critical spreadsheet application which is used by millions of Institution and individuals all over the world for the purpose of data storage, data evaluation, and data analysis. Having advanced skills in MS Excel can provide numbers of job and growth opportunities to the individual. 

Why Required Learning Advance Excel 

Now a days many jobs requires Advance Excel skills. After learning MS Excel will open doors for data analysis role, business analysis role, MIS role and many other jobs. 

What is Advance Excel, Topics & How to Benefit of jobs

Advance Excel Topics 

1. Conditional Formatting 

2. Uses of Graphs 

3. Pivot Table & Chart 

4. Financial Functions 

5. Logical Functions 

6. Text Category Functions 

7. Lookup Functions 

8. Array Functions etc. 

9. Use of Name Manager 

10. Advance Filter 

11. Data Validation 

12. Consolidation 

13. What if Analysis 

14. Goal seek 

15. Sheet Protection 

16. Excel Dashboard 

17. VBA Macro 

and many Advance Features in Excel. 

Difference Between Basic Excel and Advance Excel 

Advanced Excel 

It is a Microsoft Excel Advance Features. 

It performs complex functions such as large calculation, data sorting, data analysis, and many more. 

The formulas used here can be very complicated. some of them includes VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, SUMIF, SUMIFS and many more useful functions in advance excel. 

The user can easily collaborate with other users. 

Basic Excel: 

It is a spreadsheet program in Microsoft office. 

It performs only basic functions compared to advance excel. 

Excel can use complex formula but it is not as complex as advance excel. Some of the formulas in basic excel SUM, MAX, MIN, AVERAGE, COUNT and many more. 

Benefits of Learning Advanced Excel

1. You will have more value: When you choose for the Advanced Excel Training, you will get comfortable with the skills you stand better among other individuals with comparable capabilities just like you. 

2. You protects a significant amount of time: If you are a small business person or a freelance worker, the advanced excel can assist you in saving a significant amount of time. 

3. You increase knowledge and management skills: Advanced Excel Learning does not just means a person becomes an expert in excel. But in the meantime, it also increases knowledge and administration skills. 

4. You aspects better salary: If you are well-trained in ms excel, you don’t need to worry about the salaries. 

Advance Excel Related Jobs Opportunities 

After learning advance excel you can get many jobs in National and Multinational Companies like- Data Analysis, Data Entry Operator, Management Information System (MIS) Executive, Data Operator and so many job in Excel field. 

What is Advance Excel, Topics & How to Benefit of jobs

It is depends on your knowledge and technical skills 

1. If you strong knowledge of Advance Excel you can easily apply for MIS or Data Entry JOB

2. If you strong knowledge of Excel and VBA you can easily apply for VBA Developer or Data Analytics Job. 

Other Job Opportunities in Advance Excel 

• Metrics and Analytics Specialist 

• Financial Analyst 

• Market Research Analyst 

• Big Data Engineer 

• Big Data Analytics Architect 

• Big Data Solution Architect and many jobs. 


After reading this post you better understand what is Advance Excel and why learning Advance Excel and benefits. If you like this post and related this post any questions or suggestions for me please comment and ask own questions i try to your questions reply soon. 

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