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What is Search Engine how it works and Serch Engine Types

Today in this post we discuss very important internet topics what is Search Engine, Types of Search Engine and many more things of Search Engine please read this post carefully.

Search Engine

Internet is an ocean of information. Information on any topic, that we can think of, is available on Internet. As and when required, we can acquire the required information from Internet.

A search engine is a program, which is used to find information on the Internet. the search result are generally presented in a list. This link is known as hit list. If you want some special information and do not know on which website it is available then you can search it on the Internet through the search engine. 
What is Search Engine how it works and Serch Engine Types

Types of Search Engines

Google Search Engine

This is the world’s most popular search engine it began as research project in 1996 by Lerry Page and Sergey Brain. It is one of the Internet’s leading search engine. It is also the largest web portal, providing link to thousands of other websites. It is available at

What is Search Engine how it works and Serch Engine Types 

Yahoo Search Engine

Yahoo’s Search Engine is very popular over Internet. it is search information basically directories. It is available at

Bing/Edge Search Engine

Bing is search engine designed by Microsoft. This search engine is available at Search Engine

This search engine is quite popular for questions based queries. For Example, which country has least population? it is available at

Altavista Search Engine

Altavista offers software products you can use to locate and manage information on the Internet or a private computer network that uses Internet tools. This search engine has a spider called Scooter that traverses the web and usenet newsgroups.

HotBot Search Engine

This search engine is used to retrieve or index the web documents. This web search engine currently owned by Lycos and launched in May 1996.

Lycos Search Engine

It is a search engine whose database is very big. It contains more than 66 million pages in its database. It searches information on the basis of subjects. It is the main search engine that do searching o the basis of directories. Its URL is

Web Duniya Search Engine

This Search Engine is the first Hindi popular search engine. In this search engine easily search basis Hindi alphabets. This search engine URL is 

What is Web Crawler

Web Crawler has a powerful search customization and has a good selection of site reviews. It is also called web spider or spider. It visit websites and reads their pages and other information in order to create entries for a search engine index.

What is Cookie Box

The Cookie Box shows all the websites opened earlier on that computer. If you want to open any of the website shown in the list, just click on it.

Cookies are used by websites to store information of visitors, such as username. If any web application uses cookies, it stores user information it also remembers passwords. A user can disable cookies by suing the browser properties.

Advantages of Cookies Uses

  1. Cookies are simple to use and implement.
  2. Cookies occupy less memory.
  3. Cookies carry data for a much longer period of time even after the session expires.
  4. They make browsing the same websites and portals faster in future.
  5. They remember passwords if a user saves them.

Disadvantage of Cookies Uses

  1. Cookies may not secure because they store users personal and other data. If other users access cookies, they can obtain and misuse the data.
  2. There is a limit to the size of the cookie text and number of cookies.
  3. Users can disable or delete cookies.

What is Downloading

Downloading is the process of saving some data from Internet to your own computer. To download or save some web page in your computer.


I hope after reading post you understand What is Search Engine, Type of Search Engine and many more related to Internet. If any question in this post please comment us and yes subscribe this website our team reply soon.

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