Microsoft Word Insert Tab Functions [Options]

Learn Microsoft Word 2007 – Insert Tab


Cover Page – Office 2007 version already Inset a predefined formatted cover page.

Blank Page/Page Break (Ctrl+Enter) – Insert a new blank page at the insert point.

Table – By this option Insert Table Help of Number of Column and Number of Row.

Learn Microsoft Word 2007 – Insert Tab

Picture/ Clip Art- By this option insert picture already save in your Hard disk.

Shape – By this option insert Ready made predefined shapes like- Rectangle, Ellipse, Star etc. 

Learn Microsoft Word 2007 – Insert Tab

Smart Art- Insert a smart art graphics to visually communication information.

Chart – By this option insert Chart[Bar Chart, Line, Pi Chart, Column Chart etc] for selected Mathematical Data.

Hyperlink (Ctrl+K) – Create a link to web page, a picture, an email address or a program.

Bookmark – This option Crate a bookmark to assign a specific point in a document.

Cross Reference – Cross reference are automatically updated if the contents is moved to another location. By default, cross reference are inserted as hyperlinks.

Header and Footer – Header mean page Top area and Footer mean page bottom are and the contents in the Header or Footer will appear of each printed pages.

Page Number – By this option insert page number of every pages like – Top area, Bottom area Left, Center or Right Align.

Text Box – By this option Insert Text box add to text directly.

Quick Parts – In this option Insert any company related information one time and no requirement twice Type Text or Paste option.

Word Art – Insert Decorative text in your document.

Drop Cap – Create a large capital letter at the beginning of a paragraph. This option is use generally English New Paper and Magazine Composing time.

Signature Line – Insert a signature line that specifies the individual who must sign.

Date & Time- By this option insert current date and time in the document at the insertion point.

Object – By this option insert embedded object.

Equation – Insert a Predefined common or mathematical Equation using a library of mathematical symbols.

Symbol – By this option insert symbol that are not on your keyboard such as – Trademark, Paragraph marks & Unicode symbol like- ½, β,÷,≥.

Learn Microsoft Word 2007 – Insert Tab



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