Microsoft Excel Easy Notes for Beginners

In this post we describe only increasing Excel options not include basic options like cut, copy, paste and MS Word options. So please read carefully this post to understand Excel options. 


Introduction of Microsoft Excel

MS Excel software has also been developed by the famous American company Microsoft Corporation. In this program, we can easily solve the biggest problems of using mathematical, statistical, and financial etc. Extension of this software is .XLS. By default 3 seats are given in a workbook. Each seat has 256 columns, 65536 rows, and 1,67,77,216 cells. In which we fill our data.

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Microsoft Excel Easy Notes for Beginners

Merge Cell 

We can merge two or more rows and columns in a single cell.

Top, Bottom, Middle Align 

This option use after merge cell we can use this option to set the type data in the merge cell to the top, bottom, middle.

Wrap Text 

In this option make all content visible within a cell by displaying it on multiple lines. 

Text Orientation

Through this option, we rotate the type data inside the cell.

Number Formats 

Through this option, we do the work of converting the type data on the Excel seat to the given number format.

Conditional Formatting

In this option Highlight interesting cells emphasis, unusual values and visualize data using data bars, color scale and icon sets based on criteria. We have to apply the format, we first select the area. Formatting applied by us in the selected part only works. For example, when we set formatting in the selected part, whenever we type any count between 5 and 50, it should come according to the format we have applied. To remove formatting, we select that part again and click on clear formatting.

Format as a Table / Cell Style 

Through this connection, we perform the task of converting the selected data to the format of the given cell or given table.

Insert / Delete

Through this option, we can insert / delete cells, columns, rows and worksheets.

Format Cell, Row, Column and Worksheet  

Through this option, we can set cell, row, column and worksheet according to the given format like – Row Height, Column Width, Rename etc. 


We can use basic formulas directly through this option like – Sum, Max, Min, Average etc.

Fill Down, Up, Left, Right 

Through this option, we can fill the selected data in down, up, left, right side selected row, column etc.


With this help, we can fill the numbers in the series in the cell. Like we have to fill the count from 1 to 50, we can fill the count in the cell with the help of this option.


Through this option, we can justify the type data in the next cell by bringing it to the same cell.

Clear -All, Format, Content and Comments 

Through this option, we work to eliminate the format, content, comments put on the seat.

Short / Filter 

Through this option, we can set the type alphabet and numeric in the decreasing and increasing order in reverse order and filter any special entries from the type data.

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Pivot Table / Chart

With this help, we can easily show and explain any long data by displaying the figure in a table or chart in a small view.


Through this connection, we perform the task of converting the selected data to the format of the given table.

Chart- Call, Pie, Line etc. 

Through this connection, we can display and explain the selected figure in graphical view in the given chart.

Page Layout Menu

Print Area

By this option, we select the number of arrows that we have to print, then the same area is printed after printing, similarly if we have to print the entire area then we can clear print area If you click on it, then the print area we set is removed.


Where the cursor is on the seat, the next page comes from there.


Through this option we do the work of placing the image in the background of the sheet.

Print Title 

In this option we specify rows and columns to repeat on each printed page. 

Grid lines / Headings 

Through this option we do the work of Hiding or showing gridlines or headings on a sheet.

Formula Menu

Trace President / Trace Dependents 

With its help, we can demonstrate the formula on the sheet with the help of arrows.

Remove Arrows 

With its help, we do the work of removing the arrow placed.

Show Formulas

With its help, we can display the formulas applied on the whole sheet.

Error Checking 

With its help, we can take help about any error.

Evaluate Formula  

With its help we can see step by step the formula applied on the sheet.

Watch Window 

This option works like a bookmark, with the help of this, we select the data and add it to the watch window and whenever we need it again in future, we can easily access that data with the help of it. 

Calculation Options - Manual / Automatic 

Through this option we can calculate automatic / manual on the sheet.

Data Menu

Microsoft Excel Easy Notes for Beginners

From Access, From Web, From Text, From other Source  

With this help, we can import data from Access, Web, Text or any other program on Excel program.

Existing Connection  

If the data put on the sheet is to be brought back by this connection, then we can easily fetch the data that has been imported by this connection on the sheet again.

Refresh / Connection

Through this connection, if we make any kind of changes in the connected data on the sheet, then the changes are automatically made in the data brought as soon as the refresh occurs.

Advanced Filter 

With this help, we specify complex criteria to limit which records are included in the result set of a query. 

Text to Column 

Through this option, we accidentally use this option to set the data typed in the same cell in different columns.

Remove Duplicate 

Through this option we do duplicate entries on the sheet to delete them.

Data Validation 

In this option we set prevent invalid data from being entered into a cell. For Example you could reject invalid dates or numbers greater than 500. 
You can also force input to be chosen from a drop down list of values you specify. 


Through this option, we combines values from multiple ranges into one range example- Just as there is the data of January on one seat and on the second sheet, you have to add the data of March in January and February on a single sheet, then we can easily do this work through this option.

Scenario Manager 

This option you to create and save different groups of values or scenarios and switch between them. 

Goel Seek

By this option we find the result input when you known the result you want for example -just like you bought 2-3 identical ones whose total value is 350, now you want it to be 400 or 300, so we can easily do this work through this option.

Data Table  

In this option allow you to see the results f many different possible inputs at the same time. 

Group / Ungroup

With the help of this we can group / ungroup selected row and column.


By this option total several rows of related data together by automatically inserting. Subtotal and total for the selected cells. 

Review Menu 

Protect Sheet, Protect Workbook, Protect Share Work Book 

When we click on this option, a box named Protect Sheet, Protect Workbook, Protect Share work Book appears on the screen and in this box we give any password as per our requirement. We cannot do any changes in the sheet / workbook unless we unprotect it again.

Allow User to Edit Range

With this help, allows specific people to edit ranges of cells in a protect workbook or sheet. Before using this features, first set security on the sheet by suing he protect sheet command for example we can apply two passwords on the same sheet, one in which the user can edit and the other one in which the user cannot edit anything, that is, the whole sheet is protected.

View Menu

Normal View 

In Excel programs, this view is set by default.

Page Layout View 

Through this option, we get to know how our sheet will come when it is printed.

Page Break Preview

With the help of this, we can see how many pages will come on the print sheet before printing it.

Custom View 

We also use it as a bookmark, through this option, we select the data and give it any name and whenever we need that data again in future, we will use that data But can go easily

Full Screen 

On clicking this option, our sheet starts appearing on full screen.

Freeze Pens

By this option keep a portion of the sheet visible while the rest of the sheet scrolls. We use it on long data, the row and column freeze selected by this option we can do the data entry easily.

Save Workbook 
By this option save current layout of all windows as a workbook so that it can be restored later. 


By this option record data in other sheet.


I hope after read this post understand all option use in MS Excel Program. If any questions related in this post please comment us our team reply soon.

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