Microsoft Word Home Tab Functions [Options]

MS Word Home Tab Options Function

Home Menu Options

Cut (Ctrl+X)- By this option cut selected items.

Copy (Ctrl+C)- By this option copy selected items.

Paste (Ctrl+V)– This option is working after Cut and Copy option paste the cut or copy items.

Format Painter  (Ctrl+Shift+C)- By this option copy formatting from one place/paragraph to apply another place/paragraph.

Font (Ctrl+Shift+F) - By this option change font style for the selected paragraph.

Font Size (Ctrl+Shift+P)- By this option change Font size for the selected paragraph.

Grow Font/Shrink Font – By this option increase/Decrease Font size for the selected paragraph.

Clear Formatting – By this option clear formatting for the selected paragraph.

Bold (Ctrl+B) – By this option bold selected paragraph like  - Lucknow

Italic (Ctrl+I) – By this option italic for the selected Paragraph like- Lucknow

Underline (Ctrl+U)- By this option underline for the selected paragraph like- Lucknow

Strikethrough- By this option Draw a line through the middle of the selected text like - Lucknow 

Subscript – By this option create small letters below the text baseline like- O2

Superscript - By this option create small letters above the text baseline like  - O

Change case- By this option change all the selected text Uppercase, Lowercase, Sentence case etc. 

Change Case
Change Case Option

Text Highlight Color – By this option Highlight Selected Word, Line and Paragraph Like - Lucknow

Font Color – By this option change the selected Text color like - Lucknow

Font Color
Font Color

Bullets and Numbering – By this option add Bullets and Numbering for the Selected Paragraph.

Decrease Indents/Increase Indents- By this option Increase/Decrease Indent level of paragraph.

Sort – By this option arrange Alphabetical, Numerical data to arrange Ascending Order/Descending order.

Show/Hide- By this option show paragraph marks. Paragraph marks is no prints.

Align Left, Center, Right(Ctrl+L,E,R) – By this option align selected paragraph to Left, Center & Right position of page.

Justify (Ctrl+J) – By this option Align text to both Left and Right margins equal.

Line Spacing – By this option set space between line like – 1, 1.5, 2 etc.

Shading – Color the background behind the selected text or paragraph.

Border & Shading – By this option Set Border and Shading for the Selected paragraph and Page.

Styles- By this option change Style for the selected paragraph like – Normal, Heading1, Heading2, Title, Subtitle etc.

Change Style – Change the set of styles like- Font, Color, etc. for the entire document.

Find (Ctrl+F) – By this option find special word, line & character for the selected paragraph.

Replace (Ctrl+H) By this option replace Find word, line, Character to another word, line and character. 
Find and Replace Box
Find & Replace Box

Select All (Ctrl+A) – By this option select all for the entire documents.

Go to (Ctrl+G) – By this option go to any page and line number in entire document.

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