Computer English GK 
computer english gk

1. Who is the inventor of computers?
(A) von Neumann
(B) JS Kilby
(C) Charles Babbage
(D) None of these
2. What was the name of the first computer?
3. Computer literacy day is celebrated?
(A) December 5
(B) December 14
(C) December 22
(D) December 2
4. What is the full form of CPU?
(A) Central Processing Unit
(B) Central Problem Unit
(C) Central Processing Union
(D) None of these
5. Who has the input unit in the following?
(A) mouse
(B) keyboard
(C) Scanner
(D) All of these
6. How much is 1 kilobyte (KB) bytes?
(A) 1024 bytes
(B) 1024 megabytes
(C) 1024 gigabytes
(D) None of these
7. How many 1 bytes is 1 megabyte (MB)?
(A) 1024 KB
(B) 1024 MB
(C) 1024 GB
(D) 1024 TB
8. How many bits is 1 gigabyte (GB)?
(A) 1024 KB
(B) 1024 MB
(C) 1024 GB
(D) 1024 TB
9. Is the IC chip used in computers?
(A) from chromium
(B) from Iron Oxide
(C) from Silver
(D) from silicon
10. What are the controls in the CPU, the memory and the third unit?
(A) Micro
(B) Processor
(C) Output
(D) Semantic / logic
11. Which part of the computer is used for calculation and comparison?
(A) disk unit
(B) modem
(D) Control Unit
12. The processor has three main parts?
(A) ALU, Control unit and RAM
(B) ALU, Control Unit and Register
(C) Cash, Control Unit and Register
(D) None of these
13. Who controls the movement of signals between CPU and I / O?
(A) Control Unit
(C) Memory unit
(D) None of these
14. Is the Function of the Central Processing Unit of Computer?
(A) deletes the data
(B) makes invoice
(C) Calculates and Processing
(D) None of these
15. What is the most processing in the computer?
(A) Motherboard
(B) Memory
16. A microprocessor which is the computer's brain, is it called?
(A) software
(B) Microchip
(C) microchip
(D) All statements are true
17. Input is converted into output?
(A) by memory
(B) by CPU
(C) by input and output
(D) by peripherals
18. Is the computer's ability?
(A) Low
(B) High
(C) Limited
(D) Unlimited
19. What type of intelligence is given to the computer?
(A) human
(B) Artificial
(C) Pure
(D) Other
20. Does human memory have power compared to computer?
(A) Normal
(B) High
(C) Low
(D) Average
21. Who is more in human mind and computer?
(A) Computer
(B) Man-mind
(C) equal in both
(D) None of these

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